On The Genealogy Events Calendar: Feb 24-Mar 2

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The Genealogy Events Calendar entries this week for the local and national family history community alike! How did Tuesday’s plate get so full and how on earth did it get to be March already?


Tuesday, February 25th

6:00 pm
The South Carolina Historical Society’s Winter Lecture Series
“Moses Brown of Chehaw and Charleston (1750-1819): The “Rosetta Stone” of Black Musicians in Early South Carolina”presented by Nic Butler, Ph.D.


Tuesday, February 25th

12:00 pm
Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP) begins registration for the GRIP On The Road sessions in Orchard Lake, Michigan, August 3-8.

Where You’ll Find Me

I’ll be in the office early in the week. The rough draft of our ProGen Study Group Proof Argument assignment is due tomorrow, Tuesday(!), and I’m not happy with my writing. It’s time to break out the red pen. I’m looking forward to the South Carolina Historical Society Lecture. Having zero musical talent myself, I enjoy learning about those who do. Library day is tentatively scheduled for Thursday. Several client projects need attention this week which may keep me in the office instead.

Happy Hunting

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  1. Rorey,
    Good luck on the proof argument. I got word a few weeks ago that ProGen22 will begin early next month, and I’ll be a part of it. Looking forward to it, and I’m open for any tips you might have to offer. Hope the writing goes well!

    • Yay Greg! Hope you have a ProGen Group as good as 19! My advice…work on your assignments early in the month. Oh, and be careful not to submit work you’d like to use in a certification portfolio. Other than that, enjoy it 🙂

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