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Rorey CathcartI began my personal genealogy research journey in 1998, working on my husband’s lines, while still living in California. I was about as far away as one could get on this continent from his South Carolina family origins. I understood proximity posed many difficulties from the outset. Over the years, as online resources proliferated, my research continued to expand. I began offering genealogy research services to others on Ancestry.com connected to my family tree. As I continued to assist friends, family and acquaintances with their research, I realized I had something to offer the genealogical community.

As a professional, I sincerely appreciate the lack of resources available to those searching for their ancestors in South Carolina from afar. Our preponderance of burned counties and collections require skill, creativity and often travel to overcome. I look to use the skills and habits I have developed over the years in genealogy, industry and academia to advance the research of my clients.

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