On The Genealogy Events Calendar: June 9-15

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The Genealogy Events Calendar for June 9th through June 15th includes the end of pre-registration for SCGS Summer Workshop and the opening of registration for SLIG.


Tuesday, June 10th

It is Primary Day here in South Carolina – Don’t forget to vote!

Sunday, June 15th

South Carolina Genealogy Society Summer Workshop

Pre-Registration ends June 15 which really means June 14th since this is mail in registration.



Friday, June 6th

Federation of Genealogical Societies 2015 Conference – Salt Lake City, Utah

#FGS2015 announced the opening of hotel reservations for the joint conference with RootsTech. Hotels will fill quickly. If you are even considering attending this event, reserve your room today.


Friday, June 13th

Family Tree Webinars is offering “10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Family History Narrative” by friend of the Who Hunter Lisa Alzo. A nice compliment to this month’s series at On The Hunt focused on writing your genealogy.


Saturday, June 14th

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy

Registration for the 2015 session opens 9:00 am MDT, 11:00 am EDT

See the scheduled tracks:


I’m personally torn between “Advanced Genealogical Methods” which has homework elements to be graded and “Advanced Research Tools: Post-War Military Records” which is a topic of particular interest to me at the moment. It is likely to be a last minute decision for me 😉

Learn more about the Institute and registration:


Sunday, June 15th

Don’t forget Father’s Day!

Where You’ll Find Me

Tuesday morning I’ll be in Charleston working on that narrow range of birth records between the end dates of Ancestry’s ” South Carolina Delayed Births, 1766-1900 and City of Charleston, South Carolina Births, 1877-1901″ collection and the start of state recording of births in 1915.

Thursday I’ll be at the Archives in Columbia research for clients focused on Fairfield and Edgefield/Aiken counties.

Friday you’ll find me both at the Family History Center and the South Carolina Historical Society reading room on a challenging Charleston case.

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Emiko says:

    I am trying to find the faethr of my great-grandfaethr. After a recent Y-DNA test, I have uncovered that my great-grandfaethr was not the son of the (supposed faethr). His name was, Frank Martin , Illegitimate son of Mary Emma Martin b. June 16, 1875 in Canaan, Maine. Mary Emma Martin married two years later to a recently widowed 65 year old man. Is there any possible way to find my biological great-great grandfaethr, or must i give up my research Thank you again

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