Google News Archive: Out of Orphaned Status!

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Yesterday’s article at Life Hacker announced the re-launch of Google News Archive!

Based on my own tests this morning, I believe they have improved the search function. My father-in-law, Dr. Hugh Cathcart, died in Charleston in 1967. I had previously tracked down the funeral notice in The News and Courier manually. I consider myself a pretty adept Googler. Previously, no search parameters would return this article. But today, success!

For those unfamiliar with using Google News Archive, I find the easiest method is to type the following into the Google search bar: “[Your Search Term]” (for my test, “Cathcart”)

And did I mention the dozens of additonal articles returned in this search that never appeared before? Excuse me while I do my Genealogy Happy Dance!

New and Improved?

Ok, back to reality. Questions remain. Will Google add new content? I don’t know. Will Google improve how they list papers? Doesn’t look like it. They re-launched with the same Paper Name alphabetization scheme of the old site. No location information has been added to help users focus on their state of interest. While the surname search returned 18,000+ hits, many from The News and Courier, there remains no apparent way to limit the search to a particular paper.

google news archive

Still, if you interested in finding which papers are available for a state please check out the yeoman’s work done by Jose A. Munoz at Enhanced Newspaper Archives.

The Verdict

With over 30 titles available, Google News Archive has always been an important resource for South Carolina research. Genealogists with less search engine skills will continue to find the site cumbersome…if they find it at all. Still, count me in the cautiously optimistic column. This will be an improved tool in the web savvy genealogist’s tool box.

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  1. Thank You for adding the link to my blog about Enhanced Newspaper Archives. I too am interested to know more about the “new” Google News Archive and if they will indeed improve the product.

    Take Care.
    Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

    • Very happy to do so Jose 🙂 You’re work has helped me hone in on papers of interest when the broad search fails to satisfy.

      Keeping my fingers crossed Google News Archive will put some effort into this re-launch.

      Thank you for stopping by!

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