Who’da Thought – A Sports Magazine?

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The Who Hunter

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An occasional Who Hunter series on the unexpected places we find our next lead.

The Set Up

Michael Francis Beirn (1841-1873) figures prominently in my Certification portfolio and personal research. I’ve been tediously surveying the internet for possible leads on members of a Beirn One Name study for a Philadelphia trip next month.

The Source

Sporting Life Magazine

Sporting Life Magazine

Sporting Life. A weekly newspaper founded in Philadelphia. Published primarily from 1883-1917.[1] The repository. The LA84 Foundation whose purpose is, in part, to “…[examine] the role of sports in society.”[2] Digitized issues from 1885-1917.[3]

The Lead

An obituary for Martin J. Beirn – who once lived with Michael F. Beirn – appeared in Sporting Life because his nephew, Joseph C. Beirn, ran the billards room at the Green’s Hotel.[4] Whew!

Who’da thought?

Rorey Cathcart

Copyright (c) 18 August 2013

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